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BCA History (Sejarah Singkat Bank Central Asia)


Accounting Media - BCA was officially established on February 21, 1957 as Bank Central Asia NV. Much has passed since the founding of it, and perhaps most significant is the financial crisis which occurred in 1997. 
Thanks to the wisdom of business and making a wise decision, BCA successfully recovered in the same year. In December 1998, third-party funds have returned to levels before the crisis.
Subsequently, BCA took a major step by becoming a public company.
In 2002, IBRA divested 51% of its shares in BCA through a strategic private placement tender.

Bank choice mainstay of society, which acts as
important pillar of the Indonesian economy

• Building institutions that excel in the field of settlement payment and financial solutions for our customers and business individual
• Understanding the varied needs of our customers and provide appropriate financial services to achieve satisfaction optimal for customers
• Increase stakeholder value and the value of BCA Franchise

Your satisfaction is our priority. We understand your needs and your lifestyle. As the largest private bank in Indonesia, we have no where else, you need us. With a network of integrated and spread throughout Indonesia, we make banking activities to be so easy.
BCA is an electronic network of banks that have the largest and most widespread in Indonesia. With a network of branch offices and ATM BCA, which connect online in Indonesia, we are always ready to serve you. We work with more than 31.000 merchants

You can choose your own type of savings that is suitable for you (BCA Stages, Stage Gold, Tapres, Giro BCA, and Time Deposits). We also provide various banking credit mortgage bank, mortgage BCAXtra, Refinancing, KPA BCA and KPP BCA for customers who intend to buy a house, apartment, or even motor vehicles.
BCA Remittance Services we allow you to transfer funds in foreign currency accounts and foreign destinations, as well as receive transfers from abroad to Indonesia. BCA Collection Services allows you to accept checks denominated in rupiah and foreign currency.

These advantages are:

   1. Highly professional management team who always follow the policies and regulations of national and international banking;
   2. Human resources (HR) well-trained and oriented to service for the customer;
   3. Range of products and services that are innovative and meet the actual needs;
   4. Utilization of latest technology appropriately;